Smells like

[Eggnog + Nutmeg + Brandy]


Scent Strength: Strongest



Delicious eggnog, nutmeg and brandy aromas will keep you feeling festive all year long with our Nog soy candle. Inspired by Nogman, Timmy Turner’s dad, this candle is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever wished for Fairly Odd Parents. Get lost with Cosmo and Wanda in the nostalgia of this Nickelodeon favorite.



Mrs. Claus: “Now, who wants milk?”


Nog-Man: “Milk? Loser! Who wants NOG!?”


Enhance your viewing experience,

burn during The Fairly Odd Parents, season 6, episode 11.


  • ♪ Nick, Nick. Nick, Nick. N-nick, Nick, Nick. Nickelodeoooon!

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