Smells like

[Chocolate + Pistachio + Caramel]


Scent Strength: Stronger



Don’t be a “dumb baby”! Join Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster and the rest of the babies on an epic adventure with our Rugrats inspired soy candle. Give this 90s Nickelodeon favorite life again. Strike the included match right on the bottom of the jar and get lost in the nostalgia of our Reptar Bars scented candle.



"A Reptar bar is chocolate and nuts and caramel and green stuff and, and…

♪♬ ‘It’s swirled and stirred and rippled and beaten,

And sweetened and sweetened till you can’t stop eatin’.

The superest, the duperest, the double chocolate scooperest,

The meanest, the best, it’s better than the rest.

Reptar bar, Reptar bar, the candy bar supreme!

The candy bar that turns your tongue greeeeen!’” ♪♬


Enhance your viewing experience,

burn during Rugrats, season 1, episode 9.

Reptar Bars

  • ♪ Nick, Nick. Nick, Nick. N-nick, Nick, Nick. Nickelodeoooon!

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