Smells like

[Flowers + Cotton Candy & Popcorn + Old Taffy]


Scent Strength: Stronger



Smell each of The Beldam’s three wonders for Coraline in this 100% soy candle. The smell of flowers, cotton candy, popcorn and taffy will fill your nose as you crawl through the door to The Other Mother’s lair. Experience Coraline in a whole new way with our unique Smell-o-Vision candles.



Ghost Children: "Hush and shush for the Beldam might be listening."

Coraline: "You... You mean the Other Mother? Who are you?"

Ghost Boy: "Don't remember our names. But I remember my true mommy."

Coraline: "Why are you all here?"

Ghost Children: "The Beldam."


Enhance your viewing experience,

burn during Coraline (Henry Selick, 2009).

The Beldam's 3 Wonders

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