[Flowers + Cotton Candy & Popcorn + Old Taffy]


Coraline: "I love your garden!"

Other Father: "Our garden, Coraline!"

(35:07 - 35:11)


Coraline: "We loved it, Mr. B. It was so, so..."

Other Mr. B: "Ah...."

Coraline: "Amazing!"

(39:42 - 39:50)


Coraline: "I can't look."

Other Miss Spink: "Ready to break a leg, Miriam?"

Other Miss Forcible: "Our lives for the theater, April!"

Coraline: (giggles)

(49:13 - 49:40)


Coraline, 2009

The Beldam's 3 Wonders

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