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[Fire + Ice]


Scent Strength: Strongest



Fire and ice make for an amazing hero and a one-of-a-kind soy candle. Enjoy the unique scent of a crackling fire paired with bursts of ice in our anime candle inspired by your favorite UA High School Class 1-A rookie hero: Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia. Our anime candles make the perfect gift for any geek. So, what are you waiting for? Go beyond! Plus Ultra!



“I feel kind of bad. Whenever I’m involved, someone’s hand gets all messed up. Is something wrong with me? Am I cursed? (All laugh) This isn’t a joke. I’m like “The Hand Crusher” or something.”


My Hero Academia (S2, E31, 14:10 – 14:40)


Enhance your viewing experience,

burn while you watch My Hero Academia.


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