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What is a brand ambassador?


A person chosen by a company to represent their brand in order to help raise awareness.



Who can participate?

Anyone 18+

can apply to be a

brand ambassador

for The Euphoric Treefort!


(4,000 followers/subscribers minimum)

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Anyone under 18 must

have permission from a parent

or guardian to be brand ambassadors.


Why would I want to?

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Choose your free merch,

code for Exclusive savings on all orders for friends, family and followers/subscribers, &


Gain access to new stuff before it's released

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How do I apply?

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It's so easy!


1. Complete the application

(opens in new window)

2. Follow the instructions in your welcome email to get started

3. wait for your free stuff!


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Applications are continuously accepted and reviewed as positions become available. Decisions are based on a number of factors including (but not limited to) number of followers/subscribers, audience, engagement, and content.


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What are my obligations?

1.  Follow/subscribe to The Euphoric Treefort 

2. post your Free merch

3. Leave us a review

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What are you waiting for?

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