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Where It All Started


     My lady and me were in the den. She was kicking my butt at the board game we were playing, as usual, and pretending not to notice, as usual. The sun was shining warmly through the window, an old episode of Adventure Time was playing on the television and a scented candle was burning on a nearby table.


     Conversation was light and playful. We were going through another hardcore gaming phase as we often do in the summer months. All season we play video games, board games and card games. We take full advantage of our spare time because we are seasoned students and we know that there’s no time for games, literally, during the fall and winter semesters at the University of Michigan. I am studying to be a Manufacturing Engineer and my fiancée is working tirelessly toward her doctorate in Chemistry. So, these are the moments that we cherish. Great laughs, great times. And then.. the candle went out.


     So, I did what I always do, I grabbed a new one. The last one. I lit the candle then took my turn. Gameplay continued and the topic of conversation changed to the newly lit candle. We’d had it before. Maybe not this brand but certainly this scent. If it was a different brand, I couldn’t tell. All the labels look the same degree of bland and boring to me.


     It was then that I decided that I wanted more out of a candle. I wanted candles that smelled great and looked just as good. We searched online for over an hour and came up with nothing, so we decided to make our own.


     We learned loads through our research and eventually came up with our recipe and pouring procedure to make the best vegan, clean-burning candle every time. It wasn’t long before we were making candles for all of our friends and family.


     During all of this candle making fun, life was going on. With homework and exams, along with other milestones and evaluations, we were exhausted and stressed out, and the months of perpetually grey skies and subzero temperatures in Ann Arbor did nothing to improve our moods.


     It was a Tuesday In November. I remember because I had a Thermofluids exam the next day and man was I stressin’. So, I decided to take a short study break. One that was not on my insane study schedule but necessary nonetheless. I turned on Adventure Time and my lady came to join me on the couch. We took turns venting about our workloads. These were the times we dreaded. We wished that we could put everything down and escape to our own treefort, like Finn and Jake in Adventure Time... Somewhere in the middle of nowhere…


     Just like that, The Euphoric TreeFort seed was planted, pun intended.


     So here we are, almost a year later and excited to bring you our take on soy candles. We are a diligent two-person team that understands today’s consumer and online shopper. That is why we strive to give you a one of a kind shopping experience from the comfort of your home. We do this by making everything right in The TreeFort. By electing to do all of the design, development and manufacturing, we can customize all of our products especially for you. Because we do all of this in house, we are able to bring you a unique, vibrant candle without breaking your bank. So, feel confident in The Treefort seal and find comfort knowing that we have put our best inside. We hope that our products brighten your life, both literally and metaphorically, and bring to you what The Euphoric TreeFort brings to us: a fond nostalgic feeling, fun playfulness, creativity, happiness, and color! 


Positive vibes,


David Fisher


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