Smells like

[Kiwi + Grapefruit + Menthol]


Scent Strength: Strongest



Our All Might soy candle, inspired by My Hero Academia, features fruity notes of kiwi, grapefruit and menthol for an added punch. After working up a sweat with Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and the students of UA High School, light this odor-eliminating anime candle using the match and striker included on the jar. This is the perfect gift for any My Hero fan. Go beyond! Plus Ultra!



“If you have to save someone, that means they’ve probably gone through something terrifying. They’ll be frightened. Remember that real heroes don’t just save lives. They save a person’s heart too. You know what I think? No matter how scared you are, you should smile to show that things’ll be okay. In this world, the ones always smiling are the ones who are the strongest!”


My Hero Academia (Episode 49: One for All, 08:47 – 09:10)

All Might

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