Smells like

[Old Notebook + Fuji Apples]


Scent Strength: Strongest



The Death Notebook smells like a musty old notebook and sweet juicy fuji apples; an aroma so unique, you won’t be able to believe it’s coming from a soy candle! Eerie yet pleasant just like the anime that inspired it: Death Note, burn this one-of-a-kind candle while you watch as L tries to hunt down Kira (Light Yagami). When there is a death note and god of death involved, especially if that Shinigami is Ryuk, there can be no winners.



“…when it is your time to you die, it will fall on me to write your name in my Death Note.”


Death Note (E1: Rebirth, 15:00 – 15:13)


Enhance your viewing experience,

burn while you watch Death Note.

The Death Notebook

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