Smells like

[Red Wine]


Scent Strength: Stronger



Linda Belcher: wife, mother, dedicated wine drinker, and music theater enthusiast. Get the red wine candle that’ll make you shout, “all right!” Our 100% soy candles make the perfect gift for him or her and the best gift for new bonding experiences with old friends or sharing interests with new ones! Finally, a candle for avid wine drinkers and parents (because the two are not mutually exclusive)! So, grab your glass, bottle or flask, ignite our Linda Belcher candle and fire up your favorite season of Bob’s Burgers for a unique experience!



“Crazy how kids can fall asleep sober like that.”


Bob’s Burgers (S4 E1: A River Runs Through Bob, 5:21 – 5:29)


Enhance your viewing experience,

burn while you watch Bob’s Burgers.

Linda Belcher

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