Smells like

[Trash + Factory Exhaust + Puppy Snaps]


Scent Strength: Stronger



Would you endure the harsh smells of Trash Island to save your best friend? See if you can take it. Enhance your viewing experience: use the matches and striker included on the jar to light this unique Smell-o-Vision soy candle and burn while you watch Wes Anderson’s latest stop motion film: Isle of Dogs!



“Rancid apple core, two worm eaten banana peels, a moldy rice cake, a dried-up pickle, tin of sardine bones, a pile of broken eggshells, an old smushed up rotten gizzard with maggots all over it—”

“Okay, it’s worth it.”


Enhance your viewing experience,

Burn during Isle of Dogs (2018).

Trash Island

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